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Physical copy (CD) of the TATC EP "Time Gardeners".

Time Gardeners EP - Compact Disc

SKU: 195269099800
  • Physical copy (CD) of the 2021 TATC EP "Time Gardeners".  

    Released in 2021, Time Gardeners is TATC's first Instrumental Prog/Post-Prog EP.   The album heavily features the Touch Guitars U8.

    Released  on June 14, 2021


    Tim Gardner - U8 Touch Guitar, Guitar, Drum Programming, textures 
    Rob Gardner - Drums (Bowstreet)
    Markus Reuter - U8 Touch Guitar, textures (Muted Forest)
    Pat Mastelotto - Drums (Muted Forest)

    Post-production and mix by Markus Reuter, Berlin, Germany
    Mastered by Markus Reuter

    Album design and artwork by Em Gardner (Front and Back Cover art) and Anna Gardner (inner jacket artwork)

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