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Distances Volume 2 - Microcosm

Distances Volume 2 Album Cover
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Released in October of 2021, Distances Vol. 2 is the 2nd album of ambient pieces from TATC that originated from improvisational work in the Touch Guitar Circle.  The pieces were recorded between April 2021 and July of 2021. A follow-up to Distances Vol. 1 - Night Sky.

All sounds in the album were made from recorded audio of the u8 Touch Guitar through various combinations of hardware effects pedals, with some plugins applied during mixing (except for some sequenced strings on the song "Pulsar Strangelets").  Each piece was recorded in a single evening with no later overdubs or additional tracks.  Most tracks have loops created with hardware loopers, and additional tracks added during the recording session.  Most melody/solo parts are as recorded in the first take.


Many tracks feature the Hologram Electronics Microcosm and Empress Zoia pedals to create various moving textures (as well as several other pedals/effects).

Tim Gardner - U8 Touch Guitar and effects.  Sequenced strings in "Pulsar strangelets".


Small Line
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