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Order the CD for "The Main Sequence at Last".  Beautiful artwork, includes an 8 page insert.

The Main Sequence at Last - Compact Disc

SKU: 195269270933
  • Order the new TATC full-length album "The Main Sequence at Last".  Ships within 2 days of order.


    The Main Sequence at Last is the sixth album from Portland, Maine-based experimental guitarist/touch guitarist Tim Gardner and his project that goes by the name of "Thirst And The Cow" or "TATC".

    This is a full-length follow-up to TATC's first touchstyle-centered instrumental prog/post-prog EP entitled "Time Gardeners", released in 2021.

    The Main Sequence at Last also highlights the versatility of the Touch Guitars U8, but mixes in guitars with a layered approach to blending instrumentation. The music continues Tim's experimentation with crafting unique sounds and textures using combinations of effects and parts played on the U8 or guitar (largely using effects pedals), with an emphasis on rhythmic elements.

    This album pairs Tim up with drummer/percussionist-extraordinaire Juan Dahmen and includes several collaboration pieces with the very talented Marc Pelath (The Laconic).

    The album is loosely based on different concepts of evolution (the lifecycle of a stars/galaxies, the evolution of life/matter, the evolution of civilizations) and represents the continued evolution in the music of TATC. "The Main Sequence at Last" refers the beginning of the phase in a star's lifecycle when it starts fusing hydrogen to produce energy.


    Tim Gardner - U8 Touch Guitar, Guitars, Textures/Loops/Effects
    Juan Dahmen - Drums and Percussion
    Marc Pelath - Keyboards, Drum Programming


    Produced by Markus Reuter

    Mixed and mastered by Fabio Trentini

    Artwork by Anna Gardner (cover, additional art) and Em Gardner (additional art)

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